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How to Roast small quantities of New Mexico Pinon Nuts


Turntable Microwave only: After washing and salting the nuts (salt always optional) place a cup or two of piñon nuts in a ceramic / microwave safe bowl (no plastic). Microwave 3 minutes and stop. Stir nuts and taste. Nuts will first turn translucent, then microwave a minute at a time till the color turns creamy - Times vary because of differing microwave strengths. The main rule is "when the aroma starts, begin to taste and color test" After creamy it turns tan and your done.

Practice the small amount method until you understand the process enough to be daring to roast more..

PLEASE BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU ARE BUYING. Only New Mexico vendors are regulated as to what we sell, so we can not bait and switch to sell you Nevada pinyon known as Nevada Pine Nuts, a much less expensive variety.





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