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About New Mexico Pinon Nuts

Why are authentic New Mexico Piñon nuts more expensive than other pine nuts? Pinon nuts are the most desired variety of pine nut, supply and demand work out the retail price. We do not set the price, the market does.

Do Nevada pine nuts "PiNYon" taste like New Mexico Pinon nuts? No - they do not. Nevada pine nuts come from a different species and most describe the flavor as "resinous or Pine like". Most prefer the New Mexico variety because they taste buttery and have almost no pine taste at all.

Why are pinon nuts scarce? There was an extended drought over the past 15 years that led to a die off f 10-1% of the Pinon trees 5 years ago. Supply and demand take over from there. Demand keeps going up and the supply is not.

PLEASE BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU ARE BUYING ON THE INTERNET. Make sure if you want real Piñon, you read the small print of out of state vendors. If the vendor in not located in New Mexico they are not regulated and can advertise using the word pinon but sell other varieties.

Buy from New Mexico Vendors to be sure.

We are a New Mexico vendor.
New Mexico vendors are regulated as to what we sell, so we can not bait and switch and sell you Nevada Pinyon, a much less expensive variety.



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